7 Best Tools For Crypto Analysis

Cryptocurrencies built with blockchain technology that are transparent. It's mean they have data that can be easily accessed for processing and analysis. But unfortunately, the data is peered and very numerous. 

We need a set of tools to analysis that will make it easier to search and filter data. Crypto analysis tools allow users to track various financial metrics, transaction and performance data, as well as technical charts of a crypto asset or a particular sector. 

Crypto analysis tools are very helpful for investors to deepen fundamental research and gain various interesting insights.

What are crypto analysis tools?

Crypto analysis tools are specialized software designed to provide an understanding of the complex and dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. These tools will analyze various aspects of cryptocurrencies, including market trends, transaction volumes, wallet activity, and network health. 

These tools use advanced technologies capable of performing functions such as data analytics, machine learning, and blockchain analytics to provide accurate and timely information. This tool is especially beneficial for traders and investors who want to make informed decisions in the rapidly evolving crypto space.

By offering features such as real-time market monitoring, historical data analysis, machine learning, predictive modeling, and sentiment analysis, crypto analysis tools play an important role in uncovering the complexities of cryptocurrency trading and investing.

Best Tools For Crypto Analysis

This article discusses nine crypto analysis tools that can help you to explore the crypto world while improving your observation and analysis skills in crypto.

1. Token Insight

Token Insight is a platform that tracks crypto asset prices in real-time. The platform presents an assessment of crypto assets with certain metrics from the lowest value of D, to the highest value of AAA. This is very helpful for users who want to see the quality of a crypto project without extensive research.

In addition, Token Insight has a feature, data holding venture capital (VC). This allows users to see what crypto assets are being held by various VCs. Tokens collected by VC can be a reference if the token has good prospects.

2. Arkham Intelligence

Arkham Intelligence is a blockchain analytics platform that can track wallets, enabling tracking of holding wallets to large fund flows from whales in the crypto world.

An interesting feature that Arkham has is Arkham Alerts. This feature allows users to create reminder alerts with customization according to user wishes. 

For example, if users want to monitor the movement of coins with has value of more than US $ 100 million, then users can set reminder alerts.

3. Token Unlocks

Token Unlocks is a platform that presents emission data and unlocks various crypto assets. This platform allows users to know when a token will be released (unlock token).

Knowing the token unlock time can give token holders preparation time to determine the decisions to be taken pre and post-token unlock.

4. DefiLlama

DefiLlama is a multi-chain platform that tracks protocols based on total locked value (TVL). TVL is one of the important metrics to assess the popularity of a protocol. This metric can show how much liquidity is actually locked into a protocol.

DefiLlama provides a very intuitive and informative user interface by making browsing TVL by category, protocol, etc. very easy to navigate. 

5. DeBank

DeBank is a platform for tracking crypto asset ownership and transactions between wallets, not only personal wallets but also wallets owned by others. 

In addition, the platform can also track crypto assets that are being used in various dApps and across various chains. So it's not just tracking crypto assets that are sitting in the wallet.

6. De.Fi

De.Fi is an anti-scam platform that can help users detect the level of wallet security and check the security of a smart contract. This platform is perfect for those who frequently explore DeFi and interact with smart contracts, so as not to get caught up in a scam.

Through the Shield feature, the platform is able to detect the level of wallet security and tell users what types of vulnerabilities they have. The Scanner feature is useful for checking the security of smart contracts. For example, a smart contract belonging to a token indicated honeypot (can be bought but cannot be sold), can be detected on this platform, so users can avoid buying scam tokens.

7. Dexscreener

For Memecoin hunters or token presales, Dexscreener is a mandatory platform to use. This platform presents real-time data about memecoin trading with complete information including trade pairs, market cap and price, DEX where traded, to smart contract tokens that can be checked for security.

In using this platform, please pay attention to smart contract tokens and check them through anti-scam platforms such as De.Fi, because not all tokens tracked on Dexscreener have been guaranteed security.

Looking at the crypto and blockchain industry that continues to grow rapidly, there are many crypto platforms or tools out there that can facilitate and assist users in exploring the crypto world.

The list of platforms in this article is just a few platforms that are often used by the author, and of course, there are many other platforms that less or more have similar functions and you can explore further.


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